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Chefs’ Night Off started as an ongoing series of “pirate” dinners, conceptualized and executed by cooks and bartenders from Indianapolis’ most respected restaurants. This was an opportunity to showcase the developing talents of Indy’s culinary scene and locally owned restaurants and bars with a focus on slow food. The idea is to help cultivate Indy’s food scene and community. To get cooks working with other cooks exchanging ideas, having fun, and talking shit.  That idea has now since grown into multiple markets, cross pollinating talent from many cities.

We facilitate a creative think tank for America’s culinary and bar talent. The chefs interact with the guests to create a dining experience like no other. There is no “razzle dazzle,” and no unnecessary frills. Just the people who put the flame to the pan breaking loose for one night and bringing to life their cuisines, their way.

Private Events/Weddings:  From in home culinary demonstrations and private meals to weddings Chefs Night Off can provide you with a culinary experience unlike any other.  We work with every client to make certain they and their guests have the best experience possible.  Tired of bacon wrapped asparagus and a Caprese salad at your events?  So are we.  We will work with local farms and farmers to provide you and your guests with the highest quality, locally and ethically sourced product available.

Eco friendly/Sustainable weddings:  Allow us to help you plan your special day while keeping the environment and your budget in mind.

Due to the individual and unique nature of our events we do not offer “packages”.  Instead we prefer to tailor the experience to our clients needs and budget.


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Champagne, Pastries, Caviar and More. A Tasting Event.

Chef’s Night Off Presents: Champagne, Pastries, Caviar and More
A Tasting Event

It’s been a long, hot summer for all of us and we needed a reason to over indulge so we decided to throw a lovely Sunday Soiree at The Gallery Pastry Shop.

Who: Pete Schmutte of Cerulean Indianapolis and Ben Hardy of The Gallery Pastry Shop

What: The most decadent and beautiful pastries the midwest has to offer. Tastings of 4 fine caviars. Champagne tasting from Vintner Select, Vino and Monarch as well as bottomless mimosas.

When: 11/5. The event begins at 3pm and end ends at 6pm

Where: The Gallery Pastry Shop

This is not a sit down event so arrive at your leisure. Come as you are but we plan to spiff up a bit! Menu modifications will be politely declined. Champagne and caviar will be available to purchase at the event to take home.




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